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Get your idea from pen and paper to showcase-ready visual prototype.

What’s included:

  • Solution feedback
  • Tech Feasibility
  • Visual Prototype

Duration: from 2 weeks

Cost: from $5,000.- USD

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Get your demo application up and running and show off transactions on a distributed ledger.

What’s included:

  • Killer Feature Identification
  • Functional Demo Application
  • Roadmap and Estimation

Duration: from 4 weeks

Cost: from $10,000.- USD

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Get your minimum viable product (MVP) functional and ready for end users.

What’s included:

  • Complete MVP buildout
  • Integrations (payment gateway, KYC/AML, wallet, liquidity...)
  • Computing Infrastructure


Keep your blockchain product up and running with dedicated team and continuous improvements.

What’s included:

  • Tailor-made solution
  • With/Without PM/PO
  • Time & Materials

We firmly believe blockchain is here to stay!

It’s a genius solution for the long existing problem of undoubtedly having a single owner of a digital asset. This means digital is one step closer to the real world.

Besides the crypto, mining, and ICO hypes, the technology itself is getting more mature. It’s not a question when we’ll have a mass adoption, but who is going to do it. It’s normal that many strive to bridge this gap. The journey is exciting, the outcome beneficial.

Days of raising millions just by gathering a whitepaper and pouring some public relationships and growth hacking techniques are over. That water was too hot for many, and new challenges emerged. How to build a product? How to attract the team, investors, customers, stakeholders in order to build a business around it? There’s much more dedication and track record needed in order to get proper attention.

The good news is, there is a solution. Talk the talk, walk the walk.
We carefully designed our solutions for visionary people and teams with strong domain expertise in their industry vertical, but lack of blockchain technology knowledge. We bring tech product management, software design and development experience. We collaborate and together, we shape the future of your blockchain product.

Nikola Isailović
Co-Founder & CBDO

For me, when discovered blockchain technology and values it brings in by disrupting almost every industry, putting Trust and Transparency on top of its priorities, I immediately wanted to be a part of it. Love at first sight. Let`s make things happen in the right way together!

Nikola Sologub
Co-Founder & CEO

As a Tech & Marketing Entrepreneur and dedicated hard-worker with proven track record, I’ll lead your blockchain project to the eternity and beyond.

Damir Karamustafic
Design Guru

I am a guy with a simple mission – to digitize your stories in this fast, urban moment when only those who keep up with time survive.

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